Smith Barney Clothing generous buy seven wolves hold out

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Over the past year, seven wolves hold significant increase in the amount of cash about 70% of clothing is not the main industry of investment has reduced, it did not rival the commercial real estate on the Happy Valley enclosure, instead of not more than 2.2 out billion purchase of financial products.

    An announcement highlights the seven wolves abundant cash. Nov. 5 announcement, as at September 30, 2009, seven wolves have the monetary funds 804,000,000 yuan, of which about 646 million own funds.

    7 wolf on funding in the stark contrast with the Metersbonwe, which favored a commercial real estate increase. According to CBN's statistics, for the first 8 months, Metersbonwe will be a lot of money into rent, buy commercial real estate, expansion of sales terminals, which in Zhejiang, Fujian and other six provinces, about 30,000 square meters bought The six commercial real estate, amounting to 785 million yuan; in Shanghai and other cities to rent 33 to 16 stores, stores the total area of more than 60,000 square meters, involving 147 million yuan rent. Zhou Jian, chairman of Smith Barney costumes to explain the reasons behind these moves is that the financial crisis, commercial real estate lease, purchase price is relatively reasonable.

    Compared with Metersbonwe been staking their claims, seven wolves this year, the main industry and commercial real estate investment on reducing rather than increasing. The third quarter of this year, seven wolves acquire fixed assets, intangible assets and other long-term assets to pay the amount of cash for the 83.81 million yuan, while the third quarter of last year, the investment was 2.35 billion, significantly reduced by about 150 million yuan. 7 wolf accept that this shop is relatively small, reducing the purchase of inputs for shops, shop decoration and props configuration input is reduced.

    7 wolf securities of a staff member said that as the financial crisis, the domestic real estate market turmoil, seven wolves so cautious, and not as large as Metersbonwe to buy land. Seven wolves, a concern Securities analyst, said: "seven wolves two years ago to greatly expand the number of sales terminals, so investment is relatively large. Last year the international financial crisis, on the seven wolves have a certain influence, starting from the extension type of expansion to improve the internal management of the existing sales network level up, investment will be reduced. "

    7 Wolf Securities Department staff explained, the amount of cash since the third quarter of last year, reason for such significant growth, mainly due to higher sales receipt shall make cash inflow from operating activities increased significantly, while the implementation of seven wolves pay with bank acceptance Suppliers big money, to defer cash outflows, is also an important reason for a substantial increase in cash.

    Even so, seven wolves still displayed on the cash-hungry state. The third quarter of this year, seven wolves wolves clothing subsidiary of Jinjiang 7 Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will hold the outstanding bank acceptance bank discount in advance to make the company's third quarter net cash flows from financing activities to achieve 35.498 million yuan, up 547.37 percent over the same period the previous year. In fact the first quarter of this year, seven the number of wolves has reached 763 million yuan in cash, seven wolves need not advance through the discount in the form of a subsidiary to increase the amount of cash.

    7 Wolf Securities Department staff denied that the company holds large amounts of cash to start a new large-scale projects, but as large amounts of cash and other factors, seven wolves third quarter return on equity has fallen to 2.96%, banks alone financial products may be difficult to accomplish the task of the net assets yield rate.