Super Internet Banking Bank in August on the line against third party payment

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Bank of China's banking sector net separation barrier will soon be broken.

April 1, the reporter learned from the commercial bank sources, the central bank focused on building the second generation of payment systems "military first" - online banking or Internet applications will run on the line this year in August, from digestion of domestic banking financial institutions Internet Banking disorderly competition state. At present, the first batch of more than a dozen experiments are carried out on the major commercial banks access to systems development.

Informed sources, the system will serve as an effective complement to existing payment systems, and large real-time payment systems, small-volume payment system in parallel operation, limit the amount of business between them, initially decided to be 50,000 yuan.

In addition, once worried about the banks caused by the third party payment platform, silver or suspended access networks interconnected systems. "If a third party platform access, commercial banks will pay a significant impact on business." A joint-stock bank sources said.

The central bank's "super internet banking"

Internet's emergence and development of new electronic payment, so that the central bank first upgrading the RMB interbank payment system is urgent.

The traditional payment system has been unable to meet the growing demand. The payment of general business, when the payer needs to account to him in payment, the money from the paying bank online banking system, through the payer business systems within the Bank Bank, People's Bank of modern payment system, beneficiary account Within the banking system and other business sectors. Payment Service Directive to go through multiple nodes, multiple systems conversion, low efficiency and high cost.

Banking financial institutions to meet the real-time settlement payment business needs, December 2, 2009, the central bank held its second generation of central bank payment system & accounting system data set (the ACS system) construction kick-off meeting to clarify payment of the second generation systems for banking institutions to provide flexible access methods, liquidation mode and more comprehensive liquidity risk management tools.

April 1, informed sources said, according to the original plan, the second generation of Internet payment systems, online banking application systems first building, originally intended by the end of June 2010 on the line before the run, the second generation of payment systems and other applications, ACS system at the end of June 2011 on the line before the run. But look at the situation from the current preparation, internet banking system may be connected to the August on-line.

Bank of Internet applications, the network can be described as a "super network of silver," for individuals and units to provide real-time interbank fund transfer, cross-bank accounts and accounts queries, and the current payment system can not be realized by the cross-bank debit, third party payment, Pre-authorized third parties such as business functions, e-commerce for commercial banks, interbank money management, offering innovative services to lay a strong foundation.

"The retail business must be on-line, on an optional, public and business." The source disclosed that the central bank may take into account the safety and efficiency of public services is not mandatory for on-line.