UNIQLO: fighting the global retail industry really began to

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In the interview, Yanai is frequently used is the "globalization", the familiar word to quickly outdated.

    "As China and other Asian countries, Brazil, Eastern Europe and Russia to join the new world economy is forming. Global retail industry really began to fight." In December 2009, Yanai is "doing a truly global retailer" 1 paper, it said.

    Yanai is the time to write this article is UNIQLO's global flagship store in Paris, two months after opening. When the hot opening scene, so that Yanai is global confidence. He likened it to "after years of hard work has finally won an Olympic gold medal."

    Yanai is in view, this means that finally UNIQLO and other world-class retailers such as H & M, ZARA and GAP on the same starting line up. Perhaps, but also superior.

    With great ambition, Yanai is to re-lock the Chinese market as "the main battlefield." Early in 2009, UNIQLO opened on Taobao first storefronts, conduct B2C business. Some people even "B2C" interpreted as "back to China (to return to China)." This year in May, UNIQLO West Nanjing Road in Shanghai opened its fourth flagship store in the world, its investment in the amount of 30 million U.S. dollars.

    In fact, as early as 1998 years ago, the Yanai is planning to begin sales of UNIQLO into the Chinese market. But finally, after four years of successful, UNIQLO, but because the location is not clear, "expansion" rather bumpy road to go.

    Thus, Yanai is to the Chinese market over the next 10 years, set new goals - one trillion yen sales, while the scale of development across the company's new positioning is a 5 trillion yen. 5.5%, which is 2009 UNIQLO sales in overseas markets, the proportion of its total sales company, the China market is only part of this small ratio. Such a calculation, its sales in China accounted for the proportion of the company's total sales, 10 years from less than 5.5% to 20%. Yanai is clearly not a small appetite.

    In the "main battlefield", in addition to international brands, the Chinese private enterprises owned by ME & CITY Metersbonwe is Uniqlo target opponent.

    First Financial Times: Japan's "richest man" in the title is an honor for you or burden?

    Yanai is: the rich businessmen of course a good thing. Richest man is an honor, not pressure. We are such a small place from the pass out of the brand into Tokyo this "first-class manner," not easy. This is the opportunities of globalization for.

    Daily: Who do you want inherit your wealth?

    Yanai is: I will not want to leave future generations of property, or looking for professional managers to take over the FAST RETAILING Group. My two sons are very good, also held shares. But I think the family business is not good. In addition, professional managers are not professional in my account. I want to find a truly UNIQLO DNA, a deep understanding of UNIQLO values people as the future of management.


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