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advanced software systems, realize intelligent control channel management

The machinery, electronics, microprocessor control and various identification technologies organically integrated,

matching various identification system equipment and the use of reliable security, alarm devices, direction indication, LED count,

convenient compatible IC cards, ID cards, barcode cards, fingerprint readers and other equipment,

a variety of identification, provide you with civilized, orderly traffic and the safe and efficient management.


unique design, perfectly adapted to all kinds of high places

Chassis sheet metal part using the most advanced processing technology, small gaps, solder joints, drawing light, beautiful and glossy;

is the latest development in particular through the door speed, material well, flowing lines, generous style;

is ideal for airports, high-speed rail station, government agencies, Grade A office buildings, banks, schools, exhibition, residential and other high places, the country currently has a mature cases.


big brand accessories,device performance unleashed

Chile Shengan emphasize excellence in product quality comes from details of the control, the important parts are made of well-known brands at home and abroad,

where infrared radiation sensor components from Taiwan and Taiwan Bang Group / Honeywell, an international quality, stable and reliable;

have high sensitivity, speed sensors, environmental adaptability, the detection is less susceptible to outside interference and other significant advantages.

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independent R&D team, grasp core technology

gates core transmission section is a Sino-Czech team developed its own technology from;

After years of testing and improvements can be achieved under normal use, trouble-free operation 5 million times;

can be based on the actual needs of customers, to adjust the system;

and for the movement, and other vulnerable parts of the long-term leave reserve, in case of failure timely replacement,minimize the impact on customers.


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Our company was establised in 1989. With more than twenty years development, our company has became a strong enterprise with comprehensive strength. Now we have more than 200 staffs, six production assembly lines…

VisionBecome the most famous and reputable manufacturer in the industry

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